Self Defense Empowerment Classes

(classes meet once a week; 4 – 10 week programs available)


Experience tangible and mentally empowering results through:

  • Preemptive strategies: safety tips to help you avoid danger and increase your awareness in various daily environments. Emphasis on walking, sitting with more confidence, self-esteem and power. Covering the practice of boundary setting exercises to prevent potentially dangerous situations.
  • Utilizing your voice:  voice projection and declaration of intention to commitment of self-protection.
  • Repitition:  Practice increases confidence through muscle memory, enhanced mental imagery and more effective techniques.
  • Target striking:  Focus on power projection, effectiveness and follow through.
  • Practice escapes:  In situations of restraint, unwelcome advances or being trapped with a pre-planned defensive strategy.
  • Progressive classes:  structured to allow for step-by-step learning with increased levels of success and confidence along the series of classes.