The Coastal Self Defense Academy offers Self Defense programs to high risk groups, such as women, children and the elderly.

We offer step-by-step classes to help learn the skills of protection and safety awareness skills.

Our Self Defense classes can help instill confidence, courage and build self esteem for children to decrease their chances of being bullied or intimidated.

Coastal Self Defense Academy’s progressive classes will introduce the importance of body language, posture, boundary setting and awareness to the participants before going into the physical applications of self protection.

Coastal Self Defense Academy provides a series of classes ranging from 4 to 10 weeks, conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly scheduling.

Vision:  We strive to create a strong, healthy and vibrant community, comprised of confident and empowered individuals.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide transformative educational tools to promote empowerment and an enlightened recognition of one’s potential and value.